Dustin's Legacy of Fire Campaign

Session 02

Into the Monastery, baboons & stirges, pugwampis suck


St. Vardishal’s Monastery – Take One

After being introduced to the Pugwampi’s and rescuing Rombard, we got a few hours of rest before setting out again. Almah and Garavel wisely perceived the Sultan’s Claw as being too out-in-the-open & vulnerable to Pugwampi attacks.

They asked us to scout out an abandoned monastery – the Monastery of St. Vardishal – to see if it could serve as a better base of operations from which we would launch our incursions into Kelmarane.

While the monastery was only a mile away to the northeast, rolling rocky hills, heavy brush, & thick strands of cacti stood between it and the Sultan’s Claw. We set out fairly early in the morning (~7am) and arrived at the monastery an hour and a half later (~8:30am).

The monastery was in grave disrepair. The savanna had reclaimed open courtyards and areas where the roof-lines collapsed.

We encountered three more pugwampi’s and a small troop of baboons (~5). The pugwampi’s aura of unluck proved to be quite frustrating.

Grappling the pugwampi’s proved to be quite effective given their size. Nonetheless, it took quite a bit of time to deal with them. Luckily we surprised them.

It was fortunate that the baboon reinforcements only appeared after one of the pugwampi’s was killed and another injured. Thank goodness the baboons didn’t arrive sooner. In spite of the fact that Caledor, Gobias, and I were all quite bloodied, we opted to recon even further.

The parade, kitchen, mess hall, sleeping quarters, library, and cloister were all explored.
A tower, the main chapel, alcoves, and a descending staircase were found but purposefully bypassed – due to our injuries. We are unsure of what else might remain within the ruins.

We discovered a winged female statue, presumably depicting Sarenrae – given the temple was in her name.

We discovered another statue in a small chapel that resembled the form of Vardishal – a legendary genie.

Frescoes & murals depicting a battle were painted on the cloistered walls surrounding the open courtyard.

Caledor and Tigath mentioned some band of heroes known as the “ Templars of the Five Winds” but I understood little of the details.

A book entitled the “Courts of Stone and Flame” was found. The book is a treatise of some kind allegedly detailing some of the genie characters found throughout the monastery.

Apparently, the “ Templars of the Five Winds” include the following (genies):
- Kardswann – an axe wielder
- Pazhvann
- Vardishal – a bearded genie whose heroic actions are depicted repeatedly throughout the monastery. While the temple is dedicated to Sarenrae, the monastery was constructed in remembrance of Vardishal. One fresco showed how he was killed by flaming half man, half snake creature wielding a spear.
- Zayifid
- Davashuum – a staff wielder

In another small room, a magical device known as a “Chime of Opening” was found.

In this same small room, three creatures that looked like a cross between a bat & a mosquito attacked me. I think they were called “stirges”.

All I recall of the encounter were flapping bat-like wings, pin pricks , a feeling of being drained, and unconsciousness.

Caledor later told me he cast a spell called Color Spray that rendered me unconscious.

When I awoke, my head ached, my back was sore , and my constitution diminished.

Other loot we gained included 43 gp, a fine set of cutlery, and a silver bowl.

Since the four of us had previously heard additional pugwampi (3+) laughter emanating from the main temple chamber , we were not at full strength, and the heat of the day was fast approaching, we opted to leave the monastery and return to Father Zastoran for healing, Almah for debriefing, and eight+ hours of rest.

Almah insisted Zastoran provide us with access to his wares at half-cost.

His store included:

- Cure Light Wounds (25 gp)
- Cure Moderate Wounds (150gp)
- Delay Poison (150gp)
- Lesser Restoration (150gp)

I suspect we will pick up healing before heading out again.


DustinGebhardt DustinGebhardt

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