Dustin's Legacy of Fire Campaign

Session 03

New friend, death to pugwampis, King Mocknokk is dead, under the monastery, aggressive lettuce


Pugwampis, a hammer, a charred chapel, & aggressive lettuce

Upon returning to Almah‘s camp near the Sultan’s Claw we joined forced with Magalow, an elven ranger who, like Dashki, is a gnoll specialist of sorts. He volunteered to aid us in clearing the monastery. Perhaps, ‘volunteer’ is not the best term to use. He too hoped to share in treasure we might find. His skill and ranged weapon were warmly welcomed.

After schlepping back out to the monastery again, we headed north through the star-lit promenade. Upon entering the chapel, we were immediately assaulted by 6+ pugwampis.
They were strategically positioned in the ruins of the chapel’s wrap-around balcony, in the dimly lit rafters, and on a shadowed chandelier. The pugwampi squad had the ability to move freely up above on narrow beams and across canvas tarps. Meanwhile, we were sitting ducks 20’ below – subject to the rain of their tiny pin-like arrows.

Early in the encounter, our ranger’s bow was shattered by a pugwampi, rendering Magalow frustrated and less efficacious than he otherwise might be with the bow. I had hoped to use my sling to target the pugwampis outside the range of their aura of unluck, but I opted to give my sling to Magalow while climbing a ladder – the only visible means of ascension to the balconies above.

Prior to climbing, Caledor, our wizard laid his hands on me, spoke some magic words, and made be larger (OOC – Enlarge Person). The spell made me stronger, but easier to hit. I can see the spell having strong use in a melee exchange- but this was no such encounter.

I quickly dispatched one pugwampi, but then had some difficulty with a crowned, pugwampi o, wielding a magic hammer – presumably their leader. The evil fey muttered and murmured in some incomprehensible language. (OOC – Mokknokk).

I had trouble following all that my companions were doing during the skirmish. I believe they targeted the chandelier and dealt with two pugwampi’s there, set fire to a canvas tarp, and assisted in dispatching the pugwampi leader.

Gobias was gravely injured after falling through the canvas tarp and taking his fair share of arrows.

Most of the pugwampis got away.

After licking our wounds and drinking healing potions (CLW), we headed toward the south-west corner stairwell and found it led to a fairly extensive sublevel. We encountered some odd mobile fungi or plant matter. Our blows felled the creatures but not before they infected Gobias with foreign thoughts. If memory serves, Gobias had a strong compelling desire to go to the cloistered open space above us.

To be continued in Session 4


DustinGebhardt DustinGebhardt

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