Dustin's Legacy of Fire Campaign

Session 12

Pre-game: Should the party rest & recover or push on? What secrets remain hidden in the Refuge of the All-Seeing Eye?

Post-game: The Refuge is cleaned out. Haidar is dead. But the peryton has spied the Monastery. What will Kardswann do with this new info?


My write up of the last session (slash desperate plea for tokens ;-).

After the battle against the proteon like grapplers, we debated weather to pull back to the monastery and rest or to keep exploring this terror filled magic hole. We compromised and rested in the room we cleared (despite the smell). I took turns standing guard with Dimachaerus and Magalow to let Pela and Zarek rest after their exhausting spell casting. The search of the room proved fruitful as we found 164 gold.

After waking we reviewed some of treasures we found the previous day. The ring Pela bravely pulled from the filth by the old mill turned out to be the mythical “Ring of Jumping.” I can’t wait to get out of this place and practice with it in the open.

After resting and equipping our new treasures, we headed into the next room…. Much to our almost regret.

We were attacked by what is known as a type of ware leopard known as a lycanthrope and got beat up pretty well. The only effective attack seemed to come from Zarek’s magic missile. The rest of us had great difficulty landing a single blow on the cursed creacher.

Dimachaerus took on the creacher bravely and was smashed. I attempted to get by the thing to out flank it, but failed. Pela ran up and healed Dimachaerus and myself.

The others noted loudly in the chaotic battle that the monster was wearing the clothing of a man named Haidar they had met at an earlier time.

Pela was struck down in the battle and pulled to safety by Dimachaerus then healed with one of her potions.

In desperation I tossed some caltrops before the creacher with the hope of slowing it down, then ran for my life as well.

Thankfully, I caught up with Pela and Dimachaerus. Pela was healed and awake and was able to heal us all.

Dimachaerus ran back into the fray with Pela and myself behind him. We found Magalow with the creachers attention and watched him be bitten serveral times. Finally, with combined effort we were able to bring the cursid beast down.

In death, he reverted back to his human form which was the man named Haidar.

We looted the room and collected 333 gold.

Going forward we found the room looped around to the main chamber, but there was a trap in the alter. I attempted to disarm the trap and failed miserably. A snake appear which I quickly cut down.

The trap appeared to be resetting itself. We cleared the area quickly…

Zarek found the room to contain many desirable arcane spells and remained there to learn them all.

The rest of us retreated back to the monastery to find what waits for us next………???

Session 12
DustinGebhardt DustinGebhardt

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