A Military Man - Short, Sinewy, and Solemn


Dimachaerus stands 5’6" tall.
He has a very muscular medium build and carries himself with confidence and purpose.
His hair is dark and cut short in the military style of the region.
He has dark eyes and moderately pigmented, well-weathered skin.
He occasionally sports facial hair in an effort to become more culturally fashionable but cares little for superficiality.


Dimachaerus is a solemn and stern individual.
He comes from a military family with a tradition in the military.
His life has been filled with order, discipline, and respect for the chain of command.
His father was a centurion in employ of the empire often working on the frontier.
As such his family moved about quite a bit.
The family traveled from outpost to outpost, while his father served out his orders.

Dimachaerus’s father was killed in battle working for the empire when Dimachaerus was only 10 years of age.
When his father died, his mother went to work to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.
Dimachaerus became the primary caretaker for a sister six years his younger until she fell ill and died when Dimachaerus was 15.

At age 16, Dimachaerus sought to make his own fortune by joining the Legionnaires.
He sent money back to his mother, who by then had moved closer to her two brothers.

Both his mother and father each had two brothers, each with children of their own, so Dimachaerus not only had four uncles,
he also had four aunts and numerous cousins.

Dimachaerus’s strong will & focus along with his skill in using the gladius got him recognized.
He was selected to join the Praetorian Guard – an elite force that not only enforced law & order throughout the empire
but also served to protect members of the empire’s ruling aristocracy.

While his role in the military was quite rewarding spiritually, his coin purse remained too light for his wishes.
While on furlough, Dimachaerus sought out other employment opportunities.
He befriended mercenaries in the taverns and soon found himself moonlighting with or without them as a sell-sword.

After years of service and merc-work, although happy being in the employ of others and fraternizing around other soldiers,
Dimachaerus found himself wondering if he was on ‘the right’ path. He was often nostalgic, fondly remembering his childhood in the wilderness.
He knew he was calmer than others in the face of danger. In fact, not only did the unknown not cause him fear, it sparked excitement.

Dimachaerus grew up being unsure of people and being well aware of the dangers foreign flora and fauna presented.
He longed to return to a life on the frontier and soon found himself not just contemplating life as an adventurer but starting one.

The adventure begins…


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