Vardishal's signature weapon

weapon (melee)

from 1st – 4th levels: +1 gladius
5th – 7th levels: +1 frost gladius
8th – 9th levels: +2 frost gladius
10th-11th levels: +2 fire outsider bane frost gladius
12th level and up: +2 fire outsider bane icy burst gladius


Fore centuries, this weapon remained exactly where is fell from the hands of a seemingly slain Vardishal. It was recently found buried under 3 feet of earth in the center of the courtyard of the Monastery of St. Vardishal. Known as Tempest, this is a minor artifact created for the use during the Genie Wars several centuries ago. Genies and similar creatures immediately recognize Tempest as having been forged in the Elemental Planes of the raw stuff of creation.


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