Character creation

Here are the rules for character creation.

  • 20-point buy
  • Start at 1st level
  • The majority of Paizo-published rulebooks are allowed with the following caveat: anything outside of the Core Rulebook must be approved by the DM prior to use. Note: I generally approve requests.
  • For PCGen users: I am using version 6.04.00. Load the following sources: All of the Paizo material
  • All characters will have a backstory of some sort. The player and DM will work together during this process so that the backstory is relevant and accurate. Expect to have your backstory become part of the front-story. I will never (okay, okay, I should say “infrequently” instead) use the backstory against you.
  • Traits. All PCs will have 1 trait . You may choose a second trait if it is a key part of your backstory. I urge you to review the traits found in the Player’s Guide and choose one of the campaign traits found there. Not only do they quickly immerse you in the story, they will pay off in later scenarios.
  • Drawbacks . If you choose to have a drawback, and include it in your backstory, you gain an additional Trait as well. Since this is a part of your backstory, you should have a total of 3 Traits and 1 Drawback.
  • Skills. You get 2 free skill ranks, as long as they represent what your character did before they became an adventurer. Typically this limits your choice of skills to take to Craft, Profession, and perhaps Perform. You may put both ranks in the same skill.

To help flesh out the details, to help create your backstories, and to provide a common starting point to the campaign, please consider these items:

  • The story begins in Solku, Katapesh’s 2nd largest town. Please see the link to the Pathfinder Wiki for more details.
  • Please read the Player’s Guide for backstory ideas and hooks to tie your character to the story. The campaign story specifics start at page 9.
  • The party is created by a man named Garavel, who is seeking a group of mercenaries (or individuals for hire). He is indirectly employed by the Pactmasters, who typically pay very well (if that is a motivation for you). The job involves reclaiming a nearby town from gnolls (if that motivates you).

Character creation

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