Dustin's Legacy of Fire Campaign

Session 1 ( as per Dimachaerus)

"Get the cards, get the goat, and let's get out of here!" -Caledor (played by Justin)

A man named Garavel served as our point of contact for our sponsor, a noble-woman named Almah.

Our task – reclaim the town of Kelmarane.

My traveling companions (Tigath, Gobias, & Caledor) and I accompanied Garavel across the savannah to an odd shaped landmark tree known as the ‘Sultan’s Claw’ that was to serve as a rendezvous point for meeting up with Almah.

Upon arriving we found the landmark tree on fire, a wagon in flames, a fortune teller dead, and a goat missing.

I thought my strength might lend itself well to moving a supply wagon away from the blaze toward safety.

However, the only other person that joined me in putting his shoulder against the wagon bed was a husky merc by the name of Jorj.

Our efforts proved futile. The two of us were not enough to liberate the vehicle in a short time.

We abandoned our cause and joined the bucket brigade in an effort to more quickly extinguish the flames.

What I learned,…

  • Together many can accomplish more than a few – i.e. there is strength in numbers.
  • I have new found respect for that which our beasts of burden endure on a regular basis.
  • In hindsight, maybe we should have checked the supply wagon’s brakes.

The wagon had housed a Fortune-Teller/Astrologist by the name of Eloais who perished in the conflagration.

The mercs believed that Lady Almah and Eloais were lovers. I had no desire to give credence to these rumors/aspersions by repeating them before our benefactor. Afterall, one should not bite the hand that feeds you.

Garavel asked that we find out how the fire started.

We learned that Almah had hired a “Gnoll Expert” named Dashki as a consultant/guide.

Dashki’s hygiene was despicable. He kept to himself at a dark camp away from the others.

In spite of this, Dashki proved invaluable.

Although initially reluctant, I reminded Dashki of his duty to the Lady Almah.

Dashki discovered the tracks of tiny humanoids alongside those of a goat – presumably the Camel Driver’s missing goat, Rombard.

Dashki seemed convinced that “Pugwampi’s” were involved.

We later learned that Pugwampi’s are tiny dark fey that enjoy trickery, chaos, and causing mischief.

In an effort to gain further evidence that the Pugwampi’s were responsible for the fire,

we followed the tracks – with Dashki’s help.

The tracks ended up splitting in two.

One set of tracks disappeared into tiny crags in rocks & rugged terrain that proved impassable.

The other set of tracks (along with those of the goat) disappeared into a thickly thorned cactus grove.

Unbeknownst to us, the bothersome little gremlins involved were intent on ‘dinner theatre’.

Rombard the goat was to serve as the meal, my companions and I were to serve as the entertainment.

The cactus grove proved quite the challenge to negotiate, causing us harm as we made our way to retrieve the goat.

The Pugwampi proved a nuisance shooting us with tiny arrows and enveloping us in an aura of unluck.

In the end, the Pugwampi’s all escaped, the goat was retrieved, and harrow cards were recouped.

Unfortunately we could only offer the goat, the cards, our wounds, and our tales up as evidence to Garavel & Almah.

We could not offer up the body (alive or dead) of a Pugwampi.

Nonetheless, they were thankful and rewarded us with 200 gp each for our trouble.

Father Zastoran, a priest of Nethys, was thankfully also on-hand to heal us of our wounds.

Almah & Garavel concluded they were not safe at the rendezvous point and opted to travel to a nearby Monestary of Sarenrae which is conveniently close to Kelmarane.


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