Dustin's Legacy of Fire Campaign

Session 10

Snake-head delivery, keys & info, mill fire, Bonegrinder, and 5+ gnolls

After the geier was dispatched, I went back to finish my breakfast. Our new companions handled themselves well in the skirmish. Our plans were altered little. I loaded up the goat-man’s body onto my shoulders while Magalow carried the giant snake head back to the Harpy Undrella at the former Tannery in Kelmarane .

On approach, my companions claimed to see the Peryton – the deer-wolf-hawk-like creature spot us and fly back to the battle-market.

Undrella informed us that the Peryton acted as a scout for Kardswann and the gnolls. In exchange for the snake-head and goatman body, Undrella gave us information and two keys to the battle market – one that opens the north door and one that opens some cells. She informed us of a Dire Boar named Bonegrinder that would likely be released to attack us. She asked that we slay Kardswann for her. She said that she might stay if we were to replace the humanoids that occupy Kelmarane with humans and demi-humans. She offered to help convince some smugglers to bow out of any battle that were to take place should it come to that. It might help our chances of succeeding with Kardswann. I told her we’d think about it. I asked her to stay out of any fight that might arise between us and the present occupants in Kelmarane. She agreed.

In an attempt to attract the gnolls and/or Peryton to our position – rather than walk into their ambush- we lit the mill on fire. Prior to doing so, we looted the Peryton’s nest. We found a magic longsword and a magic ring.

Unfortunately, the plans to attract them to our location failed. We waited 30 or so minutes without incidence.

We continued exploring & clearing Kelmarane building by building up the path to the battle-market. After searching four or more buildings without incident, eventually we came to five gnolls holding Bonegrinder at bay – the boar of which Undrella spoke. One gnoll made some barking noises. Magalow responded in kind. I can only assume it was gnoll they both spoke. I don’t know what was said, but the gnolls released the dire boar after a few words were exchanged. I can only assume Magalow insulted them.

I told Magalow to handle the gnolls while the rest of the party dealt with the boar. Magalow once again proved himself invaluable in dealing with these gnolls. Many of his arrows found their marks. Reitram once again proved himself to be a great flanking partner. He excelled at finding soft vulnerable parts on the boar. Zarek loosed crossbow bolts with impressive accuracy and launched a magic missile or two from his wand. Pela’s stupendous healing kept us all alive.

Zarek, Pela, and Reitram took the brunt of the damage inflicted by the gnolls. We have to get them some better armor or defenses of some kind. I don’t fault the gnolls for targeting those in light armor. I typically do likewise.

We piled the gnolls bodies together and stripped them of their gear. We carved up hunks of the boar for lunch and near-term rations – all the while discussing our near-term future plans.
-Are we to continue moving onward up the hill?
-Might we lick our wounds and revisit another day (now that we’ve kicked the hornet’s nest)?
-Should we issue justice to the smugglers or let them escape?
-What should we do with Undrella?
-Ought we inform Almah of Undrella? the Smugglers?
-Might the shrine to Nethys hold some goodies to aid us in our fight at the battle market?

More to come…


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