Dustin's Legacy of Fire Campaign

Session 9
Gnolls go bump in the night, rescue of Oxvard, gnoll interogation, new allies, angry bird


Curves on the journey

new friends and bird beasts, all in a day’s work

Dear Diary,

When we left Varisia, I could never have dreamed we’d experience the amazing things we did today.

For weeks we traveled south, going from place to place based on where Grandfather’s next contact was. We may have taken longer this way, but as far as I’m concerned, he really saved us. We newlyweds don’t have many Gold pieces saved away you know!

Anyway, of all places, we ran into a woman from back home outside of Katapesh City. We did know of her, and of course she knew my family. Praise Sarenrae for the influence of my crazy family. I believe I also heard someone call her a Princess?? Well regardless, she seemed kind and allowed us to join a group working for her. (DM’s Note: You met Almah roughly 3 or 4 weeks out of Katapesh City. You probably met some of her extended family or business associates when you first arrived in KC.)

Later, over breakfast we heard a commotion in the monastery nearby. I was the third one to the door, and I couldn’t see much of what was going on, except that the men ahead of me were already starting to get hurt. Apparently there was a huge bird beast in the courtyard beyond the walls. Shortly after our party arrived, a guard ran away who had been fending off this beast. I learned later that his partner had been killed by the bird.

For a moment I didn’t know what to do, I had read about battles before, haven’t we all? Sarenrae’s battles alone were common knowledge to all, even non-followers. But I had never Actually Seen one with my own eyes. I didn’t know how wield a weapon. How could I be useful?

Then with one drop of blood, everything fell into place. All my training flew back to me in an instant. It really was just a scratch, but I ran up to the elf and healed him with the first thing that came to mind. Admittedly it was a bit overkill, and he told me as much. Having been away from home for a while I suppose I’m not as accustomed to such comments anymore.

My actions proved necessary when only minutes later another man had his entire shoulder ripped off! This time though, I was ready. Already in position, I was able to more calmly select a appropriately larger heal, and reattach the shoulder. It felt good. All my years of study were actually helping people!

As I saw Reitram across the room delivering the final blow and putting the bird to rest, a small part of me did like the idea of standing beside him in battle. For now, I believe my place is to continue healing.

I greatly look forward to my next adventure with these new friends so I may tell you all about it.


Session 8
Continued fight vs. Kezurkian, down goes Dimach, floating heads on the river, long live Andrus
Session 07
Spotted by wolf-dear-hawk, Zarek enslaved, Dimach and Undrella make plans to hook up, I hate snakes, speedy goat man, Felliped sings a silly song
Session 06
Exit the Nethys, new allies, not another pugwampi!, Dashki's maneuvers in the dark, mini-sarlac, Zarek swallowed
Session 05
Meeting Kamal, Vardishal history, finding Haidar, Refuge of Nethys, run away!
Session 04
Exploring under the Monastery,
Session 03
New friend, death to pugwampis, King Mocknokk is dead, under the monastery, aggressive lettuce


Pugwampis, a hammer, a charred chapel, & aggressive lettuce

Upon returning to Almah‘s camp near the Sultan’s Claw we joined forced with Magalow, an elven ranger who, like Dashki, is a gnoll specialist of sorts. He volunteered to aid us in clearing the monastery. Perhaps, ‘volunteer’ is not the best term to use. He too hoped to share in treasure we might find. His skill and ranged weapon were warmly welcomed.

After schlepping back out to the monastery again, we headed north through the star-lit promenade. Upon entering the chapel, we were immediately assaulted by 6+ pugwampis.
They were strategically positioned in the ruins of the chapel’s wrap-around balcony, in the dimly lit rafters, and on a shadowed chandelier. The pugwampi squad had the ability to move freely up above on narrow beams and across canvas tarps. Meanwhile, we were sitting ducks 20’ below – subject to the rain of their tiny pin-like arrows.

Early in the encounter, our ranger’s bow was shattered by a pugwampi, rendering Magalow frustrated and less efficacious than he otherwise might be with the bow. I had hoped to use my sling to target the pugwampis outside the range of their aura of unluck, but I opted to give my sling to Magalow while climbing a ladder – the only visible means of ascension to the balconies above.

Prior to climbing, Caledor, our wizard laid his hands on me, spoke some magic words, and made be larger (OOC – Enlarge Person). The spell made me stronger, but easier to hit. I can see the spell having strong use in a melee exchange- but this was no such encounter.

I quickly dispatched one pugwampi, but then had some difficulty with a crowned, pugwampi o, wielding a magic hammer – presumably their leader. The evil fey muttered and murmured in some incomprehensible language. (OOC – Mokknokk).

I had trouble following all that my companions were doing during the skirmish. I believe they targeted the chandelier and dealt with two pugwampi’s there, set fire to a canvas tarp, and assisted in dispatching the pugwampi leader.

Gobias was gravely injured after falling through the canvas tarp and taking his fair share of arrows.

Most of the pugwampis got away.

After licking our wounds and drinking healing potions (CLW), we headed toward the south-west corner stairwell and found it led to a fairly extensive sublevel. We encountered some odd mobile fungi or plant matter. Our blows felled the creatures but not before they infected Gobias with foreign thoughts. If memory serves, Gobias had a strong compelling desire to go to the cloistered open space above us.

To be continued in Session 4

Session 02
Into the Monastery, baboons & stirges, pugwampis suck


St. Vardishal’s Monastery – Take One

After being introduced to the Pugwampi’s and rescuing Rombard, we got a few hours of rest before setting out again. Almah and Garavel wisely perceived the Sultan’s Claw as being too out-in-the-open & vulnerable to Pugwampi attacks.

They asked us to scout out an abandoned monastery – the Monastery of St. Vardishal – to see if it could serve as a better base of operations from which we would launch our incursions into Kelmarane.

While the monastery was only a mile away to the northeast, rolling rocky hills, heavy brush, & thick strands of cacti stood between it and the Sultan’s Claw. We set out fairly early in the morning (~7am) and arrived at the monastery an hour and a half later (~8:30am).

The monastery was in grave disrepair. The savanna had reclaimed open courtyards and areas where the roof-lines collapsed.

We encountered three more pugwampi’s and a small troop of baboons (~5). The pugwampi’s aura of unluck proved to be quite frustrating.

Grappling the pugwampi’s proved to be quite effective given their size. Nonetheless, it took quite a bit of time to deal with them. Luckily we surprised them.

It was fortunate that the baboon reinforcements only appeared after one of the pugwampi’s was killed and another injured. Thank goodness the baboons didn’t arrive sooner. In spite of the fact that Caledor, Gobias, and I were all quite bloodied, we opted to recon even further.

The parade, kitchen, mess hall, sleeping quarters, library, and cloister were all explored.
A tower, the main chapel, alcoves, and a descending staircase were found but purposefully bypassed – due to our injuries. We are unsure of what else might remain within the ruins.

We discovered a winged female statue, presumably depicting Sarenrae – given the temple was in her name.

We discovered another statue in a small chapel that resembled the form of Vardishal – a legendary genie.

Frescoes & murals depicting a battle were painted on the cloistered walls surrounding the open courtyard.

Caledor and Tigath mentioned some band of heroes known as the “ Templars of the Five Winds” but I understood little of the details.

A book entitled the “Courts of Stone and Flame” was found. The book is a treatise of some kind allegedly detailing some of the genie characters found throughout the monastery.

Apparently, the “ Templars of the Five Winds” include the following (genies):
- Kardswann – an axe wielder
- Pazhvann
- Vardishal – a bearded genie whose heroic actions are depicted repeatedly throughout the monastery. While the temple is dedicated to Sarenrae, the monastery was constructed in remembrance of Vardishal. One fresco showed how he was killed by flaming half man, half snake creature wielding a spear.
- Zayifid
- Davashuum – a staff wielder

In another small room, a magical device known as a “Chime of Opening” was found.

In this same small room, three creatures that looked like a cross between a bat & a mosquito attacked me. I think they were called “stirges”.

All I recall of the encounter were flapping bat-like wings, pin pricks , a feeling of being drained, and unconsciousness.

Caledor later told me he cast a spell called Color Spray that rendered me unconscious.

When I awoke, my head ached, my back was sore , and my constitution diminished.

Other loot we gained included 43 gp, a fine set of cutlery, and a silver bowl.

Since the four of us had previously heard additional pugwampi (3+) laughter emanating from the main temple chamber , we were not at full strength, and the heat of the day was fast approaching, we opted to leave the monastery and return to Father Zastoran for healing, Almah for debriefing, and eight+ hours of rest.

Almah insisted Zastoran provide us with access to his wares at half-cost.

His store included:

- Cure Light Wounds (25 gp)
- Cure Moderate Wounds (150gp)
- Delay Poison (150gp)
- Lesser Restoration (150gp)

I suspect we will pick up healing before heading out again.

Session 1 ( as per Dimachaerus)
"Get the cards, get the goat, and let's get out of here!" -Caledor (played by Justin)

A man named Garavel served as our point of contact for our sponsor, a noble-woman named Almah.

Our task – reclaim the town of Kelmarane.

My traveling companions (Tigath, Gobias, & Caledor) and I accompanied Garavel across the savannah to an odd shaped landmark tree known as the ‘Sultan’s Claw’ that was to serve as a rendezvous point for meeting up with Almah.

Upon arriving we found the landmark tree on fire, a wagon in flames, a fortune teller dead, and a goat missing.

I thought my strength might lend itself well to moving a supply wagon away from the blaze toward safety.

However, the only other person that joined me in putting his shoulder against the wagon bed was a husky merc by the name of Jorj.

Our efforts proved futile. The two of us were not enough to liberate the vehicle in a short time.

We abandoned our cause and joined the bucket brigade in an effort to more quickly extinguish the flames.

What I learned,…

  • Together many can accomplish more than a few – i.e. there is strength in numbers.
  • I have new found respect for that which our beasts of burden endure on a regular basis.
  • In hindsight, maybe we should have checked the supply wagon’s brakes.

The wagon had housed a Fortune-Teller/Astrologist by the name of Eloais who perished in the conflagration.

The mercs believed that Lady Almah and Eloais were lovers. I had no desire to give credence to these rumors/aspersions by repeating them before our benefactor. Afterall, one should not bite the hand that feeds you.

Garavel asked that we find out how the fire started.

We learned that Almah had hired a “Gnoll Expert” named Dashki as a consultant/guide.

Dashki’s hygiene was despicable. He kept to himself at a dark camp away from the others.

In spite of this, Dashki proved invaluable.

Although initially reluctant, I reminded Dashki of his duty to the Lady Almah.

Dashki discovered the tracks of tiny humanoids alongside those of a goat – presumably the Camel Driver’s missing goat, Rombard.

Dashki seemed convinced that “Pugwampi’s” were involved.

We later learned that Pugwampi’s are tiny dark fey that enjoy trickery, chaos, and causing mischief.

In an effort to gain further evidence that the Pugwampi’s were responsible for the fire,

we followed the tracks – with Dashki’s help.

The tracks ended up splitting in two.

One set of tracks disappeared into tiny crags in rocks & rugged terrain that proved impassable.

The other set of tracks (along with those of the goat) disappeared into a thickly thorned cactus grove.

Unbeknownst to us, the bothersome little gremlins involved were intent on ‘dinner theatre’.

Rombard the goat was to serve as the meal, my companions and I were to serve as the entertainment.

The cactus grove proved quite the challenge to negotiate, causing us harm as we made our way to retrieve the goat.

The Pugwampi proved a nuisance shooting us with tiny arrows and enveloping us in an aura of unluck.

In the end, the Pugwampi’s all escaped, the goat was retrieved, and harrow cards were recouped.

Unfortunately we could only offer the goat, the cards, our wounds, and our tales up as evidence to Garavel & Almah.

We could not offer up the body (alive or dead) of a Pugwampi.

Nonetheless, they were thankful and rewarded us with 200 gp each for our trouble.

Father Zastoran, a priest of Nethys, was thankfully also on-hand to heal us of our wounds.

Almah & Garavel concluded they were not safe at the rendezvous point and opted to travel to a nearby Monestary of Sarenrae which is conveniently close to Kelmarane.

Preface (as per Dimachaerus)

Basic Survival

You normally need a pound of food and a gallon of water per day to stay alive, and in the desert your need for water doubles, or in some cases triples.

In very hot or severe heat conditions, you run the risk of heatstroke. You must make a Fortitude save (DC 15, +1 for each previous check) every hour if it’s very hot, or every 10 minutes in severe heat. If you’re wearing heavy clothing or any kind of armor, you take a –4 penalty to saves against heatstroke. Failure means you suffer 1d4 points of nonlethal damage and are fatigued. Like the damage suffered from starvation or thirst, this damage can’t be healed until you remedy the cause—in this case, cooling off, finding shade, or reaching nightfall alive. Keep in mind that if you’re already fatigued and suffer from a condition that would force you to become fatigued, you become exhausted instead. This applies to a combination of starvation and thirst.

At this time, it would appear my greatest enemy is ‘the elements’.



I am not a religious man and both care and know little of the gods, but I do know I must learn to survive (in this foreign land) or the next and the favor of the gods has been cited by many as helpful through trying times.

For this reason I will occasionally cast some of my prayers, thanks, attention, and coin toward Sarenrae (NG) (the sun, honesty) & Gozreh (N) (nature/weather) as necessary.

This being said,… I will not abandon the respect I have nor withdraw my attention to Iomedae (LG) (valor, rulership, honor) for that which she stands as well as Irori (LN) (self-perfection) and Abadar (LN) (wealth, law) the last who worship seems widespread throughout Kalapesh.

Followers of Besmara (CN), Lamashtu, (CE), and Rovagug (CE) are to be disdained.

Sivanah (N) (illusions, mystery) disliked but not dishonoured.

As far as Nethys (N) (magic) is concerned – I hold little to no opinion either way.


Magic Items:

A few magic items have grabbed my attention at the bazaars.

head – Keffiyeh (pronounced keff- ee’-yuh) of Cooling – 2100 gp (endure elements vs. hot)
misc – Goblet of Quenching – 180 gp (2 gallons/day)
eyes – Glarecutter Goggles – 2000 gp (+5 on Fort saves vs sight-related attacks such as desert glare, blindness, gaze, etc.)



I’ve enjoyed Trillia’s Bath House.

Taken a liking to pickled scorpion at the Azure Star in the Lower City.

Have yet to make it to Al’Faran’s Steel Restaurant in the Inner City. Perhaps, one day.

I would count myself lucky to have armor fashioned by the renowned artisan Malthus Feyhew at the Gilded Shell near the Dawn Gate.

I have utmost respect for the Zephyr Guard – keeping law & order in a place so diversified.



I have heard rumor that Gnolls from White Canyon have besieged Solku in a series of attacks in past 2 years but appear to have been driven off.

There is a stockade called Fort Longjaw that stands as a bastion against gnoll incursions. I’d like to examine the defenses and perhaps learn from them.



The harbor city, east of Katapesh hosts Fleshfairs that deal in the trade of slaves – often a subject sensitive to some including two of my traveling companions. I hold no strong opinion on the matter.

I have familiarized myself with the laws of the land as is tantamount to survival and order and will do my utmost to comply.

I can only hope my companions will be on their best behavior.


The Laws of the Land in Katapesh….

Murder of Guild Member, Zephyr Guard, or Gov’t official = Execution
Assault of Guild Member, Zephyr Guard, or Gov’t official = 1 year imprisonment
Other Murder = 6 months, 100 gp fine
Other Assault = 1 gp
Destruction of Property = Fine or slavery
Tax Evasion = Fine or imprisonment
Theft = Loss of a hand and 25 gp fine or death (second offense)
Unsanctioned sale prices = Fine equal to value of item, warning, loss of guild membership
Disorderly conduct = 5gp



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