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  • Preface

    h1. Basic Survival You normally need a pound of food and a gallon of water per day to stay alive, and in the desert your need for water doubles, or in some cases triples. In very hot or severe heat conditions, you run the risk of heatstroke. You …

  • Session 1

    A man named [[Garavel]] served as our point of contact for our sponsor, a noble-woman named [[Almah]]. Our task - reclaim the town of Kelmarane. My traveling companions ([[:tigath | Tigath]], [[:gobias | Gobias]], & [[:caledor-eldrad | Caledor]]) …

  • Session 9

    h1. Pela: h2. Curves on the journey h3. new friends and bird beasts, all in a day's work Dear Diary, When we left Varisia, I could never have dreamed we’d experience the amazing things we did today. For weeks we traveled south, going from …

  • Home Page

    h1. Welcome wind riders! This is the campaign page for Dustin's Legacy of Fire game. [[Meta-game description]]

  • Main Page

    h1. Wiki [[NPCs]] [[Locations]] [[Character creation]] [[House rules]] [[wiki instructions]]

  • wiki instructions

    This is your wiki Main Page. It serves as a starting point for your wiki. From here you can begin organizing your campaign! To get you started, here are some examples of what you can do with the wiki. To see how these work, click on the 'Edit' …

  • Meta-game description

    The style of the game can be described as: fast-paced, swashbuckling, pulpy, high-magic, cliched-and-proud-of-it, and grand-in-scope. What it is not: rules-heavy, tactically-inclined, dark-and-heavy. The PCs are the good guys. The rules are only a …

  • Character creation

    Here are the rules for character creation. * 20-point buy * Start at 1st level * The majority of Paizo-published rulebooks are allowed with the following caveat: anything outside of the Core Rulebook must be approved by the DM prior to use. Note: I …

  • House rules

    h1. House rules # Healing (naturally). Your CON bonus now applies to the amount that you heal on a daily basis. For unaided healing (or a failed Heal check), you heal [(1+CON bonus) x lvl] per day. With a successful Heal check, along with 8 hours of …

  • NPCs

    Original members of the caravan to [[Kelmarane]]: [[Garavel]] [[Almah]] [[Father Zastoran]] [[Dashki]] [[Kamal]] [[Undrella]] [[Felliped]] [[Templars of the Five Winds]]: [[Vardishal]] [[Kardswann]] [[Zayifid]] [[ …

  • Locations

    h1. Locations [[Katapesh | Katapesh (nation)]] [[Solku | Solku (starting point)]] [[Katapesh (city)|Katapesh (city)]] [[Sultan's Claw]] [[Kelmarane]] [[Monastery | Monastery of St. Vardishal]]

  • Solku

    h1. Solku "Pathfinder Wiki":http://pathfinder.wikia.com/wiki/Solku Our story begins (briefly) in Solku.

  • Katapesh

    h1. Katapesh (nation) "Pathfinder Wiki":http://pathfinder.wikia.com/wiki/Katapesh

  • Garavel

    The lantern-jawed, no-nonsense major-domo of [[Almah]]. He has hired the PCs to liberate the town of Kelmarane.

  • Almah

    A shrewd merchant princess, recently given the task of liberating Kelmarane by the Pactmasters.

  • Dashki

    A rude and unmannered human ranger. He was hired by Almah as a gnoll expert.

  • Father Zastoran

    Human cleric of Nethys. A friendly and talkative older gentleman who sees after the spiritual and healing needs of the caravan.

  • Sultan's Claw

    This is the site of the meet up between [[Almah]]'s caravan and [[Garavel]]'s group of adventurers. It is large tree with 5 leafless branches that seem to erupt from the earth, much like a skeletal claw of some enormous beast.

  • Kelmarane

    From [[Almah]]: “Long ago, the village was one of several in the Uwaga Highlands of the Brazen Peaks situated around a battle market, a huge arcade that attracted merchants, gladiators, actors, musicians, and customers from throughout [[Katapesh]] and …

  • Monastery

    h3. East Cloister: "The eastern cloister walk abuts what must be the outer wall of the monastery itself. The lengthy wall bears a marred sculpture depicting the five figures from the north cloister mural in battle against numerous creatures of evil …

  • Kardswann

    One of the five [[Templars of the Five Winds | Templars of the Five Winds]]. Favored weapon is an exotic battle axe.

  • Zayifid

    One of the five [[Templars of the Five Winds | Templars of the Five Winds]].

  • Pazhvann

    One of the five [[Templars of the Five Winds | Templars of the Five Winds]].

  • Davashuum

    One of the five [[Templars of the Five Winds | Templars of the Five Winds]].

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